Casino Royale

I watched this on DVD the other day, the first time I’d seen it since it was out at the cinema. It was such a relief, after the massive disappointment of Quantum of Solace, to remember why I loved this version of James Bond (before, I had always hated James Bond, for the campness and casual – or not so casual – sexism).

The chase scenes, the fight scenes, the conspiracies and gadgets are all amazing. And Vesper is a real intellectual match for Bond, which seems to be a one off occurrence.

And Daniel Craig’s blue eyes! That must have been lenses or filters or something!


2 thoughts on “Casino Royale

  1. I donno about Daniel Craig as 007…He was really good in Layer Cake, but as James Bond, something just doesn’t fit. I still firmly believe the best James Bond was played Sean Connery!

  2. Hello!

    You’re my first commentor, and with five (five!) hits today, this is the busiest my blog has ever been (The Tale of Old Venn got about 12 hits over a few weeks; I’m guessing it was a set text somewhere).

    The thing I’ve found when talking to others about the latest Bond, is that people who were fans before, don’t like Craig, while the opposite camp – which I fall into – weren’t fans originally, but started liking it with Craig.

    It’s just a shame they didn’t follow through with that potential with Quantum of Solace.

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